Crabtree Infants School


In Reception, the children learn to form their letters using a phrase and action (see attached); we recommend you use the same phrase and action if you are writing with them at home. Combining the phrase with the action provides the children with an additional 'hook to hang their learning on' when learning the letter formation. This means if it is tricky for them to remember the action, they can use the phrase to jog their memory. 
When the children move to Year One, they begin learning the cursive style of handwriting. Research suggests that learning cursive supports children's spelling, as it enables them to visualise the whole word, rather than individual letters. It also supports children who are reversing letters, as all letter formation starts with their pencil on the line therefore reversals feel counter-intuitive.
We use the Letterjoin programme which can be found here:  If you are a parent of the school and have not received Letterjoin login information, please email the school office for this.