Crabtree Infants School

School Councils



We have several councils that encourage all children to take an interest in and become part of the wider school community, the local community and the world! All children may stand for election and two children are chosen, by voting, to represent their class. Regular meetings are held and after each meeting, the children have the opportunity to feed back to their class and collect ideas for the next meeting. The groups hold regular assemblies to the whole school about our plans.  We hope that being part of one of our councils (by standing or voting) will help children develop the necessary skills to become independent individuals in the wider community and active citizens of the future.

School Council: Twice a year, two children per class are elected to be representatives for their class on a School Council. Regular meetings take place where the children are involved in discussions about what they like about Crabtree and what could be even better. The children then decide on an area to develop and start by creating a survey to find out the views of their class. At the next meeting, they share the results and discuss a way to proceed. This year the school council want to investigate ways to make lunchtime and playtimes even better.  

Eco Council: Children at Crabtree are very keen to care for their school environment and the wider world. We are proud to say that we have been holders of the Eco Schools green flag award since 2019 and the children continue to look for ways to look after our world and to encourage others to do the same. Activities have included litter picks, bulb planting, encouraging children to walk to school, switching from tetra pak milk cartons to recyclable cartons and cups, pen, battery and glue stick recycling and encouraging everyone to turn off taps, lights and whiteboards.