Crabtree Infants School


Volunteers are warmly welcome at Crabtree Infants’ School, and should you wish to become a part of our highly valued volunteer team please inform the school office.

A volunteer’s contract must also be signed and returned to the school office before commencing, which deals with the confidential aspect of this essential role within school.

You should always enter the school by the front door, sign in at the office and wear a badge.  When leaving you must sign out so we know you are not on the premises in the event of an emergency. 

Any adult seen on the school premises not wearing a badge should be challenged.  No adult should be admitted to school by a classroom door, and if seen on the premises should be accompanied to the front door. 

Fire Evacuation - The safe evacuation of all people in school is the absolute priority in the case of a fire.  If you are working with children in school and the alarm sounds, you should take the group out of school by the nearest available fire exit.  You should take them to the assembly point—front playground for Reception, back playground for everyone else for a register to be taken.

Smoking - The school has a non-smoking policy throughout the whole school site.  This applies to all areas within the school grounds.